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Welcome to our Legislation hub. Here you will find all laws of the Stanton Citizen's Court, including those that are currently active with the court and being enforced by the police, in addition to any regulations or guidance published to accompany them. If any laws are repealed, you will also find those here.

Useful Guidance

Summary of Criminal Offenses

In a rush and not wanting to trawl through pages of legislation? We don't blame you! That's why the court has created this guidance document, summarizing all of the criminal offenses currently being enforced by police and prosecutors. Each offence includes explanations about what a prosecutor needs to prove and what defenses a suspect may wish to rely on.

Active Laws & Regulations

The list below contains all current laws and regulations which are used by the court and enforced by the police. Making them suitable to be cited and referred to during hearings. All attorneys should be fully informed of these at all times.

The Justice Assembly Constitution Act 2952

An Act to make provision in relation to the establishment of regulated bodies as an additional alternative to those provided by the UEE Advocacy to address the needs of individuals, the duties, functions,  responsibilities and powers of those bodies, the individual rights enjoyed by every individual and the authority to amend the statutory basis upon which they depend.

The Emergency Crime Provisions Act 2952

An Act to provide temporary measures for the maintenance of law and order within the jurisdiction of Stanton; to establish a framework for addressing criminal offences pending the enactment of dedicated legislation; to ensure public safety and security; for the fair administration of justice; for the protection of personal and property rights; for the prevention and deterrence of unlawful conduct; and for connected purposes.

The Emergency Crime Provisions (Sentencing Guidelines) Regulations  2952

Regulations to make provision of guidelines for sentencing in relation to offences under the Emergency Crime Provisions Act 2952; to establish consistent standards, procedures, and principles for the administration of justice by the court; the classification of drug offences; and to promote public safety, deterrence, and fairness.

Draft Laws

The list below contains all current laws which are currently in the draft stages and therefore cannot be cited and referred to during hearings. All attorneys should be aware of upcoming draft laws and be sure that they monitor for when they become active.

The Police and Criminal Justice Bill

An Act to make provision in relation to the powers and duties of the Stanton Police Department (SPD), persons under arrest, criminal evidence, police discipline and complaints against the police.


The Legal Process

Go to our guide of the legal process, explained in 10 simple steps. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the justice process or remind yourself if its been a while!

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