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Magistrate Tobis Karliyel is a highly experienced legal professional with a distinguished career which began 10 years ago. He is known for his exceptional judgment and ability to handle complex cases with ease. His expertise in criminal law aspects of the UEE, local laws of Stanton and classical law has earned him widespread recognition within the Stanton Justice Assembly making him a fundamental contributor in getting the Justice Project off the ground. Magistrate Karliyel is committed to upholding justice and serving the public with fairness and impartiality.

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Magistrate Tobis Karliyel was born on Aremis (Vega II) in 2930. Despite growing up within New Corvo where military sentiment was high, Tobis was far more interested in the field of Medicine during his early teens. Subsequently he attended the Aremis Institute of Medicine to begin his training as a medic,  although this was short lived due to the Vanduul massacre of New Corvo which occurred when Tobis was 13 years old.

Caught in the crossfire and without his family, Tobis was rescued from the turmoil by a group of UEE marines who had defied initial incorrect orders to hold position, to assist victims in New Corvo. Tobis remained with the group as they left their old lives for new pastures in the Stanton system where he could also continue his medic training, but the trauma of the events on Aremis had sparked an additional drive within Tobis, a drive for order and justice.

Through his teens, Tobis became quickly proficient in medical science and as a result began to have more free time to devote to his legal training. With NineTails, XenoThreat and piracy more generally on the rise, Tobis had began to find his new home of Stanton heading down a path of lawlessness, which he was determined to change. Keen for experience and aged only 19, Tobis happened upon a demonstration by the Stanton Justice Assembly that was taking place in Area 11 on ArcCorp. He sympathized with their message for citizens to have more say in the way justice effects them and became an active member of the Assembly.

Before long, Tobis was a known-name amongst the moderately sized, yet continually growing group of activists and small businesses and his developing legal expertise had come in useful during several incidents that were crucial in giving the Assembly a real chance at success.

At the very end of 2949, the Office of the High Advocate finally agreed to correspond with the Assembly, recognizing them as a group with purpose and something more grounded to offer than the CDF. What followed was nearly 3 years of excessive conversations between the UEE and the Assembly, which Tobis was proudly a contributing part of. Then finally in 2952, the Assembly were granted their probationary period and due to his involvement, Tobis was assigned the lead position of Magistrate.

As of today, Tobis performs his duties as Magistrate voluntarily. However, to ensure he maintains sufficient funds to live, as well as not wanting to throwaway his medical training altogether, when he is not in court he is engaged as a Lieutenant Commander and Medical DXO within the Unified Federation, keen to be helping others in the best ways that he can.

Notable Work

For Magistrate Karliyel to achieve his status within the Justice Assembly, he has gained experience across years of practice. Below are some of his most defining career moments to date.


The Melzani 12

Successfully defended all 12 members of the Melzani cargo hauler after they were wrongly accused of drug smuggling in Stanton's UEE jurisdictional corridors. This was Tobis' first high-profile case as an attorney.


The Stormwal Initiative

When reports surfaced of the increasing illegal poaching of Stormwal's in the gas giant Crusader, Tobis joined the Stormwal Initiative to call on the local government for greater protection of wildlife and tougher sentences for offenders.

Kedric Stoyer.png

Kedric Stoyer

Tobis led a review of cold-case files for an unsolved triple homicide on Wala. After several operational failures of ArcCorp security, re-examination of the evidence allowed for the capture and prosecution of Kedric Stoyer.



It was during his time as a prosecutor that Tobis was able to link several attacks on medics to a single group of pirates known as "MED-Xtinct" who robbed for medical gear and sold it for a profit. This resulted in harsher sanctions for those responsible. 


Vulcanstar Solutions

Exposing a network of embezzlement, fraud, and exploitation of workers under this subsidiary of Hurston Dynamics. Tobis gathered evidence for the local trade union to present to the UEE Advocacy which led to better reform across Hurston.


The Tandokan Frequency

Recently, the CDF requested Tobis' help in securing legal warrants from the UEE to hunt down the source of a rogue frequency operated by a cult-militia known as the Tandokan Ascendancy which was being used to hack CDF equipment and databases.


If you would like to reach out to Magistrate Karliyel directly, then feel free using the details provided.

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